With almost a decade of experience working on over 100 films (with over 40 of those Oscar-nominated and award winning), WIT PR (witpr.com) has the knowledge and relationships with, the major studios and important North American production companies, necessary to both architect and execute worldwide publicity and marketing campaigns.

Changing audiences demand evolving campaigns. Gone are the days of a “one size fits all” approach to marketing and publicity. Networks and studios need agencies that know both what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. With an overwhelming amount of niche content, viewers are more distracted and fragmented than ever. WIT PR has the experience, insight, and creativity to navigate these shifts.

Given WIT PR’s relationships with North American major distributors, Mustard Seed Entertainment Group and WIT PR have entered into an agreement for the North American market to conclude distribution agreements for its films and with its New Vision Films’ subsidiary to distribute and in some cases coproduce WIT PR represented films for China and Taiwan.