The Place God Forgot

When Jason Dax, a former child star and relapsing drug addict, breaks probation, he must check into rehab to avoid jail time.

He receives a mysterious email, inviting him to an all-expenss-paid 28-day stay at Dreamscape Rehabilitation Center.

In addition to impressive private rooms, amenities, and sprawling outdoor space, the upscale facility boasts a state-of-the-art security system, advanced technology, and unconventional therapy techniques. Dreamscape is run by Dr.Smith Andrews, a renowned trauma and addiction specialist.

Only eight patients are in the rehab unit for each 28 day period one of which Jason falls for a 30-year old, recovering alcoholic, Amanda Adams.

Soon after checking in, the patients start experiencing hallucinations and haunting dreams. Dr. Andrews and his nurse, Shay Perkins, assure the Dreamscape’s patients that everything happening is all part of the recovery program.

When patients start having mental breakdowns and subsequently go missing, Jason, Amanda, and fellow recovering addicts Jessica and Ben, try to find out what is really going on at Dreamscape.

Hidden on the 4th floor of the facility, Jason discovers a clandestine medical laboratory that has been using patients as human lab rats.

The Dreamscape is backed by the CIA with the purpose of extracting an endogenous chemical from the pineal gland in the human brain called DMT, which is released in a significant amount only at the time of death.
DMT has psychedelic effects which account for the flood of imagery and experience recounted in near-death-experiences.

According to Dr. Andrews, when synthesized properly, DMT can help target and bring forth traumatic events from the patients’ past, in effect, forcing their brain to process trauma at an exponentially higher rate than traditional methods. The CIA has enlisted Dr. Andrews to use this theory to develop a medication to treat veterans with PTSD in a directive they call The God Project. But if the chemistry is off just slightly, the DMT is potent enough to cause a psychotic break, a pharmacology which can be used by the CIA for psychochemical warfare.

Dr.Andrews also has a lucrative side business, crystallizing some of the DMT into “Ultra DMT,” a street drug he sells to a drug lord named “Z.”

After Jason uncovers the secret of Passageways, he learns that the purpose of the state-of-the-art security system is to keep them in – not to keep others out. As the facility is operated by the CIA, their identities have been erased – and, as addicts, they have burned all the bridges of their close relationships – no one is coming to look for them.

Jason and Amanda are the only patients left, and Dr. Andrews has Jason restrained on the 4th floor. When all hope seems lost.

As Jason lays on a bed with the woman he loves, he realizes that he has everything he wants right here and no longer needs to chase fame to find happiness.

Amanda releases Jason from his restraints and the pair plan their escape from the facility.