Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, is home to the China National GeneBank, the largest of only four in the world.  Referred to in the Chinese media as, “China’s Noah’s Ark”, the GeneBank not only carries out genetic research, but cryogenically stores over 300 million genetic samples of animal, plant, microorganisms, and human body cell samples.

China National GeneBank Shenzhen, China

On this routine night, as scientists at the CNGB work on critical genome sequencing using Revolocity high-through put sequencing system, a bold and ruthless Eastern European Mafia gang breaches the CNGB’s exterior and infiltrates the GeneBank.

Subduing the guards and helpless scientists, these thieves know exactly what they are looking for. Carrying ominous looking refrigerated metal cases, they open them to reveal cryogenic tubes capable of storing samples at sub-zero temperatures.

6,600 miles and days later, an innocent trip to a storage unit turns into a nightmare of survival for Nick Brody when the high-tech facility is locked down and Nick is caught in the crossfire between the Eastern European mafia and an elite team attempting to rescue what the mafia has stolen.