King of the Kings

The King of the Kings is a biopic about arguably the greatest ruler of all time. Not just a military genius and conqueror, Cyrus the Great, endeared himself to all people because of his religious and ethnic tolerance.

Anointed by God, Cyrus the Great, conquered and created the largest empire the world had yet seen. He founded Persia by uniting the Medes and the Persians. Although he was known to be a great conqueror, who controlled the greatest Empire the world had ever seen, he is remembered for his unprecedented tolerance and magnanimous attitude towards those he defeated. He presented himself not as a conqueror, but a liberator. He declared the first Charter of Human Rights known to mankind.

 Cyrus was upright, a great leader of men, generous and benevolent. The Hellenes, whom he conquered, gave him the title, “Good Law-giver.” In 539 BC, Cyrus helped more than 40,000 Jews leave the slavery of Babylon and return to Judea.

The King of the Kings will be an epic film that follows in the footsteps of such legendary films as Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments.

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Cyrus the Great was a military genius who conquered much of the known world at the time, creating the greatest empire of the classical era. What separates him in history, however, is his treatment of those he conquered. Instead of killing or enslaving the people he conquered, he portrayed himself as a merciful and clement ruler. Even the people he conquered loved him; the Jews called him, “The Shepherd of God”, “The Anointed One”, and “The Chosen One”. He freed them from Babylonian captivity and he is even honored by the Jews today.

The ancient world was acquainted with savagery and slavery until Cyrus the Great came to power. Cyrus treated his subjects so well that some joined his kingdom willingly, without a fight. The Cyrus Cylinder detailed his views of the just treatment of people, and became known as the first Declaration of Human Rights. More than 2000 years after his death, his ideas were foundational to the writing of the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution. A replica of the Cyrus Cylinder sits in the United Nations to this day.