Da’ Blummy

5,000 B.C. Memphis, Egypt

The time of Egypt’s Menes, who was the irst pharaoh of the Early Dynastic Period of ancient Egypt credited of having united Upper and Lower Egypt and as the founder of the First Dynasty.

Pharaoh Menes’ Palace. His court is assembled and Bluminkhamen, Pharaoh’s Personal Harṭummīm (priest that is schooled in magic) is thrown to his knees, defiant before Pharaoh.  Lesser priests stand around jubilant as they have brought this information to Pharaoh.  A judgment is read from a papyrus scroll condemning Bluminkhamen for adultery with Pharaoh’s Great Royal Wife Oprah.

As Bluminkhamen starts to speak, Pharaoh rises angrily pointing his scepter.

As Pharaoh’s face becomes visible in the light, we see that he is a recognizable rap star, and he begins a musical number, rapping out the atrocities of his once beloved Harṭummīm, who is now condemned to die by the horrible death of being embalmed alive along with his beloved Oprah.

Pharaoh’s entire court joins in the musical number until the cinematic crescendo when Pharaoh points his scepter at Bluminkhamen and says, “Wrap those Mo’ Fo Up.”

Oprah, rushes to Bluminkhamen’s side and rips an emulate from around her neck. She breaks it in half and presses one half into Bluminkhamen’s hand, whispering, “When the two halves are joined, the gods will reunite us.”

7000 years later, Bluminkhamen and Oprah are excavated illegally and spirited to America.

Through an accident, Bluminkhamen’s sarcophagus goes missing with the entire city, police, Feds, gangs, and the Chief Investigator with the Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities.all trying to find Bluminkhamen, who is trying to find Oprah.

This sets up one of the funniest and most chaotic comedies  since It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World.

 It is a Rap, Hip Hop, black opera and will become a classic as The Rocky Horror Picture Show.