Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens has produced and financed over 175 motion pictures from micro-budgeted independents to mega-budgeted studio theatrical releases, from the hit comedy “The Whole Nine Yards”, to the cult classic, “The Boondock Saints” to award-winning Cannes and Sundance Festival Feature Films.

Named “One of the most prolific producers in Hollywood” by the Hollywood Reporter, Stevens’ films have generated over $1 Billion in world-wide revenues. They have spanned numerous genres and have featured such stars as Robert DeNiro, Kevin Costner, Jennifer Lopez, Bruce Willis, Kevin Spacey, Wesley Snipes, Gene Hackman, Kurt Russell, Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone, Matthew Perry, Samuel L. Jackson, James Franco, Cameron Diaz, and John Travolta, and to name a few.

Unique in the motion picture industry, Stevens has mastered almost every capacity in the entertainment business, from creative filmmaker, writer, director and producer, to corporate executive, leader in trade and union negotiations and collective bargaining, the creative development and physical production of motion pictures, as well as sales, distribution, finance, publicity and marketing.

He was a former award-winning actor and continues to produce and sell movies in addition to being an author, educator, motivational speaker and industry consultant.

Andrew Stevens responsible for the development and production of Mustard Seed Entertainment Group’s films.


Joseph Proctor

Joseph Proctor started his career in investment banking with Lehman Bros. Paris, France. Mr. Proctor’s specialty was wine and spirits. He left investment banking to create the International Wine and Cheese Festival in New York.

Proctor later joined a group of investors in Aruba, Nederland Antilles and developed the Aruba Beach Club.

Later, Proctor began arranging the financing for real estate, technology ventures, and motion pictures through his Sovereign Capital Group and Sovereign Bank, Saint John’s, Antigua.

One of his investments led him to China in 1980 and into business with Mr. Yip Siu Fu through Ganun International, Hong Kong, SAR. Mr. Yip was the brother-in-law of Mr. Geng Yuan, former Chairman of China Merchants Group and founder of the Shekou Industrial Zone, China’s first special economic zone.

Proctor was majority shareholder of Mooncrescent Animation Studios, El Segundo, California which was a joint venture with Hewlett Packard.

Proctor and Andrew Stevens first joined together in a film company, 15 years ago, which was based in Beverly Hills, California.

Joseph Proctor is responsible for Mustard Seed Entertainment Group’s  film financing and marketing.