Independent Distribution

In the ever-changing world of film distribution there are new challenges and opportunities.

Gold’s Gold Group Limited (GGG) markets and distributes films theatrically for clients using its extensive theatrical motion picture distribution experience.

GGG is a traditional media buying agency that provides media planning, media placement, traffic management, tracking and analytics for TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Web advertising. The company was founded to fund motion picture Print & Advertising campaigns. The company’s focus is on the advertising side of Prints and Advertising (P&A) campaigns for independently released theatrical feature films distributed by domestic distribution companies.

GGG’s model is unique in the industry, they are both a buyer of ad media and an investor in the advertising side of the P&A equation. They are able to leverage media buying relationships and provide terms of payment for the distribution of our films.

GGG buys a wide variety of media types including: Network Television, National Cable/Syndication, Syndicated TV Shows, Spot Broadcast, Spot Cable, Network Radio, Spot Radio, Web Banner and Social Media Advertising.

GGG places targeted media based on a traditional media plan developed in conjunction with the distributor’s marketing team.

By using GGG, it allows Mustard Seed Entertainment Group (MSEG) to independently distribute its films through the major studios,

WITPR ( negotiates an agreement for the North American distribution of MSEG films with one of the major studios e.g. Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, 20th Century-Fox, and Warner Bros.

GGG invests the prints and advertising monies and the studio deal is 12 1/2% to 15% instead of 35% normally charged by the studios plus there are no overhead fees and MSEG controls the revenue stream not the studio.