Mustard Seed Entertainment Group is an independent motion picture production company that oversees all stages of the filmmaking process. Beginning with development and continuing through distribution, our mission is centered on crafting cost-effective motion pictures for worldwide audiences. Founded by Andrew Stevens and Joseph Proctor, they have produced and arranged the financing for over a hundred and seventy-five films, through their various motion picture companies. Stevens, in addition to being a prolific producer and film executive, is an accomplished screenwriter, director, author, and Golden Globe nominee.

Learn how to develop, budget, negotiate, finance, produce, market, and distribute a film that can make a profit.

Andrew Stevens provides real world examples and his own proven techniques for success that can turn passion into profit.

You will learn how to determine specific subject matter, genre, and story elements to craft a screenplay that is poised to sell.

Not theory, but practical reality, in a 4-day comprehensive course that reveals industry secrets that no other film school does.

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